John Arman Bolissian: Nationalities: British and Canadian
Armenian descendence / Brazilian residence

Experience as a teacher:
1980-2020 Private English teacher in Franca, SP, Brazil
1978-1980 Private English teacher in London, England
1976-1977 Vice Principal of Inglenook High School in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1974-1977 Professor of Religion, Philosophy and Mathematics at Inglenook High School in Toronto

Other professions:
1996-2020 Webmanager, webdeveloper –
1980-2020 Translator in Franca - SP, Brazil – Portuguese to English
1985-1986 Export agent – Franca, - SP, Brazil – freelance
1974-1984 Screen-process printer – freelance and employed Toronto, London & Franca, Brazil
1979-1980 Machine operator for screen-process printer in London factory – full-time
1970-1974 Provincial civil servant in Ontario, Canada – partial and temporary work in the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Treasury and Economics (during studies at University) -
Mainframe computer operator – full-time temporary summer and evening jobs while at University

1985-2020 variety of courses in schools, with private teachers, and self-study in the areas of philosophy, religion, education, English teaching, journalism, yoga, German, Information technology, web-design, webdevelopment, photography, and spiritism - in Brazil
1978 specialized course in teaching English to foreigners at West London and Hammersmith College, London, England
1975-1976 Education course at OISE – University of Toronto, Canada
1974-1975 Masters course in Theology at St. Michaels (Univ. of Toronto) (incomplete)
1970-1974 Honour BA course in Philosophy and Religious Studies at University of Toronto
1968-1969 Honour BA course in Languages – French, German, English & Spanish at Univ. of Toronto (incomplete) -1956-1968 Primary and Secondary schooling in Toronto, Canada -
1955-1956 First year of primary school in England

Fluency in English and Portuguese
with partial fluency in Armenian
6 years study in French (1962-1967)
4 years study in German (1964-1968)
2 year study in Spanish and one month stay in Spain (1977)


married with 6 wonderful children
family mainly reside in Canada, England, Brazil and USA

-John's English - - personal website
-Francasite - official website of the Town of Franca since 1997 -
-Francaonline - virtual guide of the City of Franca, Sao Paulo State, Brazil
-The King of Clubs English Recreation and Culture Center

- Born in the region of what today is called Egypt on the 27th of September 1950 in a British Military Zone, with a British birth certificate and British nationality – Father was in the Royal Air Force, and at the age of 3 months moved to England where he resided till the age of 6 years.
In 1956 our family immigrated to Toronto, Canada, where he studied, and got married for the first time (1970) and had two daughters (1971 & 1974).
Then moved to London, England, in 1978 where he worked and studied, and married for the second time to a Brazilian (1980) & subsequently moved to Franca, Sao Paulo, Brazil (1980) In Brazil, he had three more children (1982 and 1984 – twins –), before divorcing again (1992)
Got married for the third time in 1995 and had one more daughter (2001).
Divorced for the third time in 2014.
Married again in 2018.
Since then, he has been working in the Town of Franca, Brazil with his private English classes, webdevelopment and other English projects..

Activities and interests:
Studied Yoga for 12 years reaching Teacher-training level in Canada, and then continued studies in England.
Studied Wing Chun Kung Fu in Franca, Brazil.
Studied Probiotica – Unibiotica with Dr. Yum, alternative health system for preventive healthcare.
Interested in politics, social problems, religion, philosophy, esoteric sciences, design, arts, marketing, publicity, Internet, health, martial arts, Yoga & Eastern religions
Hobbies: reading, writing, Internet, webdesign, travelling, photography, digital filming and delving into Armenian history, culture and language.