Courses that focus on the student gaining fluency in English as quickly as possible; also aimed to give the speaker more confidence, as he acquires more expressions, slang, abbreviations, and general knowledge of cultural differences; the goal is to speak as naturally as possible and understand native speakers.
I'm not a school. There are no entry exams, registration fees, pre-requisites, contracts, courses with a fixed time for completion, tests, final exams, formal evaluations etc.

Phone: +55 16 992070153

Tuition fees:
individual class, one-to-one, one-hour duration
a course that has two classes a week is paid monthly at the beginning of the month.
Students may take one class a week or up to one a day.

Online course using SKYPE.
Also charge by the hour.
Advance payment of 10 classes.
Beginners to Advanced.

-payment is made in the month classes are held for all the classes that month
-normally from the 5th to the 10th

-there are no registration fees

--the fees for individual classes can be divided among groups of up to 4 people without any increase
-there are no special prices for groups.

-students who pay 3 months in advance get a discount of 20%

These are the times reserved for classes during the week:
mornings: (7:00 to noon), after lunch (1:00 to 5:00), and evenings (5:00 to 10:00)

Monday to Saturday (January to January)
(in the case of cancellation or holidays, the classes can be made up at a later date)